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Hello people!
I apologize for my previous entry.
It was to prevent people from saying no update.
Idea taken from Emersius.

to pay back for that entry,

I'm currently eating the Nutella Hazelnut Spread right now.
Without bread.
Super Nice.
If only it was melted chocolate.
If you look at my facebook,
you'll see that i'm a fan of Nutella.
Although I can't eat too much.

It's because of my stupid throat.
I can't too much too sweet stuffs.
Because it irritates my throat a lot,
making it really painful and hence i'll be unable to speak or swallow.


I finally managed to binge on Beard PaPa Cream Puffs.
Still not enough.
I'm still craving for some more!
I went to Bugis just now to binge on the 
Yummy Takopachi balls.
Superb Tori Q.
Old Chang Kee Curry Puff and Sotong Head.


Going to be fat.

If i splurge on some more food.
My future is amazing! =.=
I'll look like this again.

[I can't believe I'm posting this again =.=]


Ok now let's go to the main entry of this post.


0kaiiex, f0rrhx t0daiiex, wii wiilh biihx diishc0rrhhshiingx thhe diiferrennch biitwiienx thhe Siinnhhhap0rrehx iinternaiirtx phhen0mehhnarrhx, "VeriiKiiewtthxN0rrhxXx larrhng0ouaggehhx - sh0ortthxcotthx 'VCNX'" and "Twiitspiihhkx".


Ok, for today, we will be discussing the difference between the Singapore internet phenomena, "VeryCuteNorhX language - shortcut 'VCNX'" and "Twitspeak".

To many of you, Twitspeak - simply known as "Twit" - and VCNX might seem like the same thing. But in reality, they are quite different. They are modified forms of English which aim to be aesthetically and visually pleasing, but disregard readability.

The main difference between Twit and VCNX is the arrangement of letters, and thus the readability of words. Letter arrangement in Twit is generally closer to that of English, and is thus easier to read. In VCNX, letter arrangement seems more random, but we will get to that later - in the more complicated part of this post.

IMO, Twitspeak is just a cheapo imitation of the highly sophisticated VeryCuteNorhX language. It follows the same template, but is less tedious to type out.



Twitspeak is characterized by heavy usage of the letter 'z' in words, e.g. "harlowz myz namez ish J0rdannz". When spoken out loud, this peculiar pronunciation leads to the words sounding aggressive and twitty, hence the name. It is usually used by gangsters trying to act innocent as well as people who want to type VCNX, but are too lazy to complete the job.

Letter arrangement in Twit is simple. Words are spelt how they are pronounced, and most - if not all - 's' sounds/letters are replaced by 'z'. Therefore, Twit often followsAmerican English in its pronunciation. Also, the letter 'o' is almost always replaced by the number '0'. The reason for this is unknown, but IMO, it is to emphasize the "harshness" of the sentence.

Here are some example words:

Plough - pl0wwz

Hello - harl0wz

Calendar - callenderrh

Love luv

MapleStory - maple suckz lar, dun b lamez

"Hello, did you know that you stink of elephant dung and look like a freaking retard?" - "harl0wz, eu n0ez dat uuz stinkkz 0rv alifant darngz n luk lyk a freekinz reetardz?"

In complex sentences such as the above, readability is compromised due to Twitspeak's habit of spelling words ACCORDING TO THEIR PRONUNCIATIONS. Twitspeak is thus mainly focused on phonics, and is easier to "learn" than VCNX.



In contrast to Twitspeak, VeryCuteNorhX language, as can be seen from its name, places great emphasis on excessive use of the letter 'x'. The letter 'x' is a very symmetrical letter, and that is one of the main characteristics of VCNX - symmetry.

VCNX aims for aesthetic value by the use of symmetry. Each word must appear as symmetrical as possible in order to maximize this effect. Important letters are 'i', 'h', 'x', 'n', 'r' and 'e'. Vowels are also doubled, if pronunciation permits.

The number '0' is also used to substitute the letter 'o', but a very important point to take note of is that if the word contains more than one letter 'o', ONLY THE FIRST 'o' is substituted for a number '0'. This is to prevent the word from looking too "harsh", and thus "twittish".

VCNX is mainly used by irritating Singaporean girls - usually between the ages of 12 and 14 - trying to act cute. I also use it when I'm in the mood to irritate people over MSN, or when I'm feeling bored.

Here are some example words in VCNX:

Plough - pl0wwhx

Hello hell0x

Calendar - caiirhlennhdarrx

Love - lurrbbex / l0pphex / l0vvex

MapleStory - MaiihpllehxSt0riiex iish sh0 farrhnx

"Hello, did you know that you stink of elephant dung and look like a freaking retard?" - "hell0x, diitt euuz n0ehx daht euuz stiinkx 0f elliiehfarrnhthx darrnghx nx l0okx liikx a friieakiinhx riietarrhdx?"

Complex sentences such as the above are extremely difficult to read in VCNX. This is because of the excessive doubling of vowels. However, if you compare the same sentence in English, Twitspeak and VCNX, you will find that at first glance, VCNX is the most visually appealing, but the hardest to read.

Twit's letter arrangement is easy, but VCNX requires a more in-depth section on its letter arrangement: [WARNING! COMPLICATED BULLCRAP COMING UP!]

The letter 'i' is always doubled - 'ii'.

The letter 'h' is doubled if at the end of a word - 'hh'. If not, it remains single - 'h'.

The letter 'n' is always doubled - 'nn'.

The letter 'r' is always doubled - 'rr'.

The letter 's' is never doubled, except when the word's spelling calls for it.

The letter 'x' is never doubled, except in the case where a capital 'X' is present at the end of a word, whereby a small 'x' will both precede and follow the capital 'X' - i.e. "VeriiKiiewthhxN0rrhxXx".

The letter 'y' is never used. It is always substituted by a doubled 'i' - 'ii'.

The letter 'z' cannot be used to substitute the letter 'x', except when the VCNX word ends with a letter 'u' - i.e. 'euuz'.

The number '0' is only used to substitute the FIRST letter 'o' of a word. All subsequent letter 'o's cannot be substituted.

A doubled 'q' - i.e. 'qq' - can be used to substitute syllables pronounced as 'cue', but only if it does not "damage" the "symmetry" of the VCNX word.

A letter 'e' will follow a doubled 'i', except in circumstances whereby a [possibly doubled] 'h' follows the 'i' - i.e. in the word "hiiex", a letter 'e' follows the doubled 'i', but in the word "hiih", no 'e' follows the doubled 'i' as the word's pronunciation requires an 'h' to follow the 'ii'. The word's symmetry would be damaged if an 'e' were to follow the 'ii' - i.e. "hiieh".

The letter 'x' appears at the end of all words except those which end with a 'z'.

Basically, the main essence of VeryCuteNorhX language is this - at first glance, it is beautiful, but upon closer inspection, every word looks hideous and is virtually unpronounceable.


Hope this has cleared up any misunderstanding between the [unofficial] languages of Twitspeak and VeryCuteNorhX.

Happy holidays. ^^

[P.S: Go to >>YVETTE'S BLOG<< for yet another explanation of VCNX and Twitspeak - by yours truly, of course.

P.P.S: This post is already making waves among my MSN contacts, hehe. Will this make me famous? =x

P.P.P.S: Emersius says I should put this up on Wikipedia, lol. But what should the article's title be? -_-"

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Let's all learn how to speak Twit and VCNX!

The End.