Ode to Joy

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I've been humming Ode to Joy recently.
The melody is just so catchy and nice.
Listen to Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 4th Movement.
The tune of Ode to Joy is just so dramatic in a way.
Very Grand.
Especially in how the Choral sounds like.

I'm beginning to get tired a lot easier nowadays.
Must be because of my stupid cough.
An aftermath of my stupid flu.
Cough here Cough there.
So sickening.

VS in the morning until afternoon.
Then my own school(which i've been ponning more nowadays -.-)
Then go for training at Kee Sun Avenue until
7 on Monday/Thursday and 6 on Friday
It's inside the Siglap Park Connector there.
Nice place.
Peaceful and big.

Then after that,
on good days,
off home.
On not so good days,
off to some other meeting place
either for enjoyment or for further energy sucking -.-

The cough makes things worse -.-

I tell you something.
Being a teacher is very demanding.
But it's fun.
Just that some students can be a complete nuisance =.=

I tell you another thing.
I sleep with the Classics playing on my Macbook at a low volume.
Before I sleep I will start with,
Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 4th Movement then
J.S. Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude then
J.S. Bach Christmas Oratorio Sinfonia then
J.S. Bach Double Concerto in D minor - Largo then
Mozart Symphony No. 33 in B flat - 2nd movement Andante Moderato then
Mozart Lullaby

By the time it goes to Lullaby my eyes are super heavy.
So the Lullaby is the killer one.
I will confirm fall asleep by the time Lullaby plays the last note.

But that's not all.
Remember what some say that if you play classics while you're asleep
you become smarter?
my iTunes doesn't stop playing classics after Lullaby.
It keeps playing until around 5am when it automatically sleeps.
Then at 8am my macbook will turn on automatically again,
and start playing Worship songs.
Started by Shine like Stars.

Cool huh?

get a Macbook right now then!

The End