2nd Vlog Up!

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My New Video is up!

I hope that all of you like it!
And if you liked it,

I literally spent the whole day in front of my Macbook.
It's either my Macbook or my iPod Touch.

I was in front of the Macbook because of the Final Cut.
It's such an ass.
It's definitely not for noobs -.-
But it's a nice Video Editing software.
But taking 5hrs of my time editing a video is just too much la!
But I think since I know how to use it already,
it won't take that long to edit videos already.

This Wednesday if all goes well,
and my Indian Guest Star don't back out at the last minute,
There will definitely be a new video on Thursday.
Just Subscribe!
So whenever i upload a video then you'll get updated! 

My iPod Touch makes me stay connected in Facebook and YouTube!
So if you comment on my Facebook or YouTube,
You can expect a reply from me 10 minutes later.

Oh By The Way!

I just became the
28th Most Subscribed Comedian in YouTube this Week!

Thanks to all who subscribed!

Oh and another thing,
Later in the Morning,
around 9am,
I'm going to watch Ryan Higa Live on BlogTV
Hope to get some inspiration for the next few videos 

Ok that's it!

The End

PS. For those who entered my blog from my YouTube channel and I don't know you personally, feel free to add me in msn xD I just hope you're not some stalker. =S