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Today really started out real bad. Firstly, I woke up a bit late and
so didn't have time to get my cup of coffee before i headed out.
Secondly, the school canteen had no vendors today which means that I'm
coffee deprived for the whole day. Felt like sleeping the whole time.
But fortunately, Malcolm's "abusive" nature kept me awake and energized.

We started by filming a segment of the briefing video which was a
really fun experience. Playing dead takes real hard work and I have to
say Jun Guang did a really good job!

I was editing the video and it looks really funny. Especially in one
part where Malcolm jolted awake. Every time it goes to that part, I
will sure laugh. It took me like 1 hour to make the background to
really be like a newsroom.

After getting home and dumping my bag on my bed, I went off again to
meet Ji Wei, Malcolm and Clarence for supper. It was really awesome
and I really loved talking to them. Just getting to know them and
having the opportunity to get to know them more is really awesome.
After Malcolm and Clarence went home, Ji Wei and I walked home and
I've got to say that talking to him was really cool and to think that
I've only known him for less than a month.

Really thank God for making me write that post(My Stand) or else how
else would i have known Ji Wei? lol


What can you do if an item which costs ~$10k was sold for $1?

Absolutely nothing! xD

Well that was what exactly happened to a school in Pennsylvania. They
wanted to sell 7 used classroom trailers but it turned out that they
made a serious error with the ad on ebay which allowed a bidder to bid
$1 for the trailer.

They definitely made a huge loss. That just goes to show the
importance of checking your work before submitting it! xD

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Did you hear that they found another dead person in NTU? And from the
same school, which is at the School of Electrical and Electronics
Engineering(EEE)? Two deaths from the same school in less than a week.

I've been reading other people's blogs and their imagination can
really run super wild. I saw one blog which says that there is a ghost
in EEE terrorizing the school by making them kill themselves.





This recent suicide was a Chinese national from Hubei named Mr Zhou
Zheng, who worked for the Division of Information at EEE. His body was
found hanging in the balcony of his apartment.

First was David Hartanto Widjaja. Now Zhou Zheng. Who's next? I hope
no one else.

*starts singing No One by Alicia Keys*

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If someone saved your life, will you sue them for a whopping S$198k?

Well, a guy from London decided to do just that.

And That is Why he is our Douche Bag of the Day!

Mr Michael Dexter decided to commit suicide by making a cocktail out
of 100 pills, rum and cola. After his wife and two sons found him
overdosed, they rushed him to the nearest hospital. In the hospital,
he was given at least 4 times the correct dose of neutralizing drugs.
This caused severe tissue damage to his right arm.

But it saved him from dying.

Now he sued the hospital and actually won the case!

If someone saves you, the least thing that you can do is thank them
not sue them. Such ingratitude. I wonder whether the hospital is
thinking this: "Oh man saving that guy just cost us S$198k! We
shouldn't have bothered"


This guy definitely deserves the Douche Bag of the Day award!

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Actually there was another Douche Bag that i wanted to award it to.
But i didn't get to take his picture.

I was walking home when this guy started walking towards me. He was
rubbing his private part and when he almost a feet away, he winked at
me and gave me that horny face.

Totally freaked out and i started walking away really fast.

If my handphone was in my hands and i managed to take a picture of
him, he'll definitely be the Douche Bag of the Day.


Question of the Day:

1) Define true friend.


That's all i really want to say this March 7 2009. I'm Carlo and
you've just been slapped with a prata