Welcome to the Philippines

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Hello people! This is the first time I'm blogging right here in the Philippines!
I wanted to blog when I arrived here but I was seriously having some 
tremendous motion sickness. It's not caused by the plane ride though.
The plane ride was uber smooth. It was mainly caused by the almost 2 hr
car travel from the airport to my grandmother's house. 

It was super irritating. Cars were cutting lanes like nobody's business.
In addition to that, they were all not using any light signals whenever they turn!
There were traffic lights but some are broken while some are just plainly 
ignored by those stupid drivers.

My dad just kept doing sudden breaks and the roads were not smooth at all!
Those things just accumulated to my motion sickness. 

After getting home, I just went online and tweeted. I was so relieved
that there was wireless internet here. My iPod Touch is definitely
going to be used more often.

2nd day was alright I guess. There was this super huge spread for lunch.
A fish almost half the size of the table (The table is able to fit 8 People).
Some grilled Pork belly. Braised Pork Trotters. There's so much more.
And there I was thinking how fat I'm going to definitely be after the 3 years.
So I'm resolving to really follow a regular exercise regiment. 

After lunch my family went to this uber gigantor of a mall. It was really
big until I ultimately got tired of walking around it at the end of the day.
But my relatives say that there's an even bigger mall than that one. I was 
like wth?!

I was going to blog last night but because I bought a new Earpiece for my
iPod Touch, Earpiece with remote and Mic, I went to try out Skype and
had a super touching and fun chat with Malcolm Lee for almost 3 hours.
Missed him a lot.

So for all of those who want to Skype with me. You can always add me
and tell me on twitter whether you want to call. Just don't call every 
Saturday, 9pm onwards. That time have been set aside.


It's going to take a lot of getting used to especially the lifestyle here.
So many changes in how I've been doing things and how I've been living 
my everyday life. Somehow here is kind of more carefree. It doesn't have
the much hustle and bustle in Singapore until Time actually seems to pass
by ever so slowly in here. Sometimes I will think that it was already around
midnight but actually it was still 9pm. 

It's really weird.

I have no idea why. 

Anyway. I think I'll be able to survive here. Although there a few things
that will certainly help me survive here in the "wilderness".

Carlo's Survival Kit:
1) Internet (Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype)
2) My Macbook and iPod Touch
3) Pastor's Sermons and HOGC Updates!
4) Malcolm's incessant insults over Skype and Twitter xD
5) Pastor's Tweets
6) Everybody else's tweets.

Yups. If I have all of those. I'm going to be happy.


I would like to thank everyone who sent me off 2 days ago. It was
a really touching experience. I was trying really hard to not cry.
But like what Valerie said, just like a Domino, after one cries, the rest
also starts to cry.

But there's nothing much to cry about. As what Pastor How told me 
before I left. 

"You're not leaving. You're merely going to study overseas and come back home after 3 years"

Yeah man! I'm going to come back home after I study here. Singapore
is my home. But more specifically, Heart Of God Church is my home.
It's where I grew and learned so much. I'll definitely miss Church. Even now
I feel really weird because I should be going to Church right about now!

I'll miss you guys so much! Remain in contact ok! Don't let time erode the
memorable times that we had together!


That's all I really want to say this HOT Sunday afternoon of May 3, 2009.
This is Carlo and you've just been slapped with my prata.

PS I think I got to change that outro. Give me suggestions alright?

Bye xD