Special Post!

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Today's Tuesday and the Chinese Orchestra SYF Competition is going on
right now. 

Today's post will be a little bit special in conjunction of the ongoing
CO SYF. But more specifically about my Ex-School's Chinese Orchestra,
Pasir Ris Secondary School Chinese Orchestra.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate PRSSCO for clinching
Gold with Honors for the 2nd year running. They are really making history.
The very first time they got Gold with Honors, it really was breathtaking.
Being the first Neighborhood School to achieve the top award granted in
the competition, they really made history.

But now, they made another achievement by being the 1st Neighborhood
School to clinch the Gold with Honors twice consecutively. 

Some have doubted, saying that we got the first Gold with Honors out of
pure luck but we certainly proved them wrong. It's one of those 'In Your Face!'

Yesterday was filled with lots of excitement and hyperactivity. 

I was just so excited right after they went up on stage. I was literally seated
on the edge of my seat. 

It was just such an exciting moment that I am speechless until now.

* That's all I really want to say this Tuesday Afternoon of April 21, 2009.
This Is Carlo and you've just been slapped with my prata