The Painful Truth

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With the passing of our aunt, my grandmother's youngest sister, came a sad realization. It made me reflect and think things through as I was seated there in the wake watching as people came in and looked at the coffin.

It made me think of a simple yet powerful question: what will I be remembered as when I die? Will I have done enough in my world so that I can really call my time on earth a worth it experience?

A lot of people don't think as far ahead; taking life in a very ignorant attitude. We sometimes look at things by the day and never look at the bigger picture. We tend not to plan ahead of time, forgetting the fact that our actions today have a great impact to our lives and the lives of others in the near future. We forget the fact that the future is made in the now.

I'm trying to imagine my funeral. How grand it will be, how many people are there, how my coffin will look like, how many people are crying, etc. It's not because of arrogance that I am thinking that but it's because of how the funeral will be like actually somehow determines the amount of things you have done in the duration of your life.

The amount of people who comes determines how much people you have impacted in your life. And somehow, the grander your funeral, the more successful you actually are.

Imagine. It's not that hard.

If you think that you haven't done enough yet to attain such a grand funeral, why not start doing things that will impact people and all walks of life?

For me, I think that I haven't done enough. I'm still imagining a very small wake with just family and relatives. I think I haven't done enough yet in the society to actually make my life well worth it. I'm still young with a lot more things that I can definitely do.

I think ultimately, the question that we really have to answer is: How do I want others to remember me as when I pass away?


This is for the loving memory of Mrs Estrella David Ferrer. Our dear Aunt and our grandmother's youngest sister.