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I've been getting very tired this past few days.

I have no idea why.

Lack of sleep? Too much work? Too much things happening?

Life's been so busy.
But hey. That's Life!
If you are not busy then only conclusion is that you DON'T HAVE A LIFE! 



grrr.. >:(

It's frustrating. Do you know how it feels like? When you really want to study and learn but because you are so tired you just don't have the mood to study?


Anyway. Exams are around the corner. Have to start mugging.

So dear readers, I am already apologizing if there's a sudden long hiatus in my blog. But i'll try not to have a hiatus. 

Next week, there's training for the PRSS Liaisons.
Main Topic:
Time Management

I want these Liaisons to surprise people with their competency, character and attitude.

Victoria School Peer Support Board is the greatest thing that has ever happened. 

Kind of owe these special Victorians a lot.

Festival of Praise tomorrow!

I'm really excited. Taking the fact that our beloved Pastor How is going to be the chairman for tomorrow's FOP! 


Heart of God Church is really starting to increase in stature, wisdom and favor with God and Men.


By the way here are some overdue pictures from last Tuesday's Effective Writing Skills Presentation. Enjoy!

Among the guys. I feel so damn short. =(

Ernest, even without blazer looks like the CEO.

Ernest the CEO and the rest freaking look like his bloody body guards. =.=

Diplomatic Agreement against Racism. 
Ya right.

The presentation was really fun. My group overall did fine i guess. Just that Dr Chia was kind of not in the mood. He even pointed out the pictures i set for the powerpoint slides. He said that if the pictures make no sense with the information then don't put. 

But i got taught differently. I was taught that Perspective shots such as this:

Are a must to use so that the picture will capture the audience attention towards the message you are portraying in the slide. If the slide is boring, people's attention will waver and they'll be uninterested with what you are trying to convey. (By the way this picture is of a Victorian)


Never mind.

What's over is over. I shall not dwell on it any longer.


It's time for me to go!


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Choong Kai - ya but air con would have been a nicer choice. but i can't wait till those 3 fans are all turned on till full blast at the same time. i think the whole thing would be really funny with everything flying all over the place. LOL