carlo the baker? NAH!

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After a meeting, I went to Jasmine's house to help out with D5 to bake bread for Pastor.

It was super fun because the moment i came, I managed to scare the crap out of Fung Qi.
I came from behind her and exclaimed a loud..
Really very funny.

I'll let the pictures and the video do the talking.

By the way..
I made a video in the morning.
I had some free time on my hands so i decided to touch iMovie in my macbook.
Hope you like it.
Dedicated to D5 people!

After getting home, I decided to be zhilian a bit.
Pardon me for being so Handsome.

Ok that's all for today.
Have some work to do.


VS CALL ME SOON!!! i need cash.. =(

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Zoe - it means PARTY!! WOOTS!!!

Seryang - Love Guru rocks man. Mariska Hargitay Boss! LOL

HuanQing - all the best man