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I went to play dota with Choong Kai just now.
I bow to the master.
I'm just a noob.

Hear that Mr Chia "Rubbish Bin" Choong Kai!

Ok anyways.
Today is a very lazy day.
After getting home i spent most of my time watching youtube.
There are some funny stuffs, nonsensical stuffs and there are...


Like this one for example.
You have been warned!
This video is quite disturbing.
(to enhance viewing pleasure please put on earpiece and make sure the volume is up till you can hear clearly)

If you watched the video, Congratulations.
If not, Congratulations.

Can you believe i spent around 2 hours watching this kind of stuff?
I was practically shaking after the 2 hours.
I was really jumpy.
My mom even asked what was wrong with me.
That's what happens when you watch this kind of stuffs.

I also watched some conspiracy theories like how the 9/11 was an inside job by the government and while others blame the illuminati for everything. I was laughing my ass off with those theories. They were kinda believable, especially with backed up facts and images. 
But you just know that it's non-sense after watching a while.

I've decided to do something.

Every week i'll put up featured bloggers on the side bar.
Those who tags my blog the most for the week will be put in the featured bloggers.
Top 5 taggers will be put there.
* If i don't have your link yet. Tell me and i'll link you straight away.


Ok i think i got to go.


Tag Replies:

Yus - lol.. ask me for my new number la!? how come nvr ask? LOL

Diana marz - LOL you oso watch it alr arh? woots! lol.. Mariska Hargitay!

Lynnie - yes i noe my name is a brand.. LOL.. cool or not? LOL.. and NO i am not loaded.. hahahas

Christina - it is very funny lor.. i laughed like mad watching it.. even my fren say it's nice.. see even my fren seryang is glad i watched it.. LOL