Maximum Expenditure

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I'm kind of pissed off now but still satisfied.

I went out today with a friend and right after that when we parted ways to go home, i decided to go to Toa Payoh Popular to get a better Economics book to help me in my revision. I actually asked Jie Ru which one was the best and she recommended me Economics by John Sloman. Thanks Jie Ru! 

I found the book really really clear and concise. 
It's definitely 100% way better than our Poly textbook.
Our Poly Textbook sucks like mad.

You want to know how much it sucks?
I've been reading my Poly Textbook for 3 days now and i still can't understand the stupid circular flow. 
On the other hand, I read my newly bought book for 45 minutes in the bus and I actually understood everything from the basic Macroeconomics Foundation all the way to the inflation part! 


3 days VS 45 Mins.

I should have bought the book earlier.

After buying the book. 
I took bus 88 to go to Giant Hypermart to meet my parents.
But when i arrived, they went home alr.
Never mind. The bus ride was fruitful with my Economics Studying.

But I still decided to go to Giant to buy my grooming products because I was running out.
Now let me tell you what I bought:

Clearasil Ultra gel wash - $6.95
Shokubutsu Facial Foam - Hydrating -$3.30
Clearasil Ultra Pore Cleansing Toner - $6.95
Head & Shoulders Shampoo - $9.70
Darlie All Shiny White - $2.65
Shokubutsu Facial Foam - Balance - $3.30
Dove Conditioner - $7.05
Ricola Lozenges - $2.80
Mentholatum Men Lip Balm - $5.30

Subtotal: $48.00



I thought my trip to Giant will only amount to $20.
It more than doubled.
I know I'm vain. 
But I need it.
My face is full of pimple!!!


I think I shall go now.
Sleep earlier because that's what caused my pimples.

Late night sleeping!