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[Warning - Long Post ahead]

I just got back home from Pasir Ris Secondary School Official Opening Ceremony.
I personally think it was awesome. I think Pasir Ris Secondary School is definitely rising up in standards. I was really surprised when they were able to do everything very well. This is the very first time they have held such a big formal event with the Guest of Honor Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development and Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC. There were some American Dignitaries as well. I think they looked cool. 

Now let me relate to you everything that happened in my perspective. Sit back. Relax and enjoy.

I woke up this morning to find out that I was really late. I planned to be in PRSS by 630am to interact with the Chinese Orchestra members. However, I woke up at 635am. -.- I rushed to bathe and prepare as fast as i could to at least leave home by 7am. Thank God. I made it right on time. I finally reached PRSS at 720am. Everything was ready. The CO was already seating in front of the hall. Live Feed cameras were in position. Ushers were in position.

I sat down on one of the designated seats for me. It was kind of awkward for me because i was the only Ex-Pasirian who was one of the guests. I sat beside Mr Kassim, our favourite Malay Food stall operator in the canteen. He's very nice.

At exactly 750am, Mr Mah Bow Tan finally arrived and he reviewed the Parade Contingents. It looked as though it was the president during National Day Parade. Finally, after the Water Sculpture have been unveiled and the fishes put in the water sculpture, Mr Mah and the Americans finally arrived in the hall.

The school song was sung at the beginning of everything. I kind of forgot my own school song already. oops. Mdm Cheng did the opening speech.

Then Mr Mah gave a speech and then it was time to give away the prizes. The first prize to be given away was the Leaders Award, given to students who have shown exceptional leadership capabilities during their school years. This award was given to Selwyn Ebenezer Sim Wei Xin. He went up marching while donning his Red Cross Uniform.

After the Prize Giving, the performance starts to get ready.

CO was up first with their rendition of Spring at Tian Shan. Honestly speaking they only gave an average performance. It's not because of some mistakes that were made but it was because everyone looked kind of dead and there was no taifeng! Only the Guan Yue section had taifeng. The rest were all stiff. Not really that nice and cool to watch. 

Next performance was the Malay dance. I think they did really well. Portraying the Racial Riots through a dance choreography and through masks. I think they did it really well because even with the masks on, they are able to tell a story according to the mask.

After that was the choir. I'm not going to say much about PRSS Choir. Because there's nothing much to say about them. One thing i'm going to say is that they're too soft and they don't pack a punch unlike VS Choir.

Then the grand finale, it is great. Everything ended really well with balloons floating from the ceiling. 

After that was slack and fun time at the Indoor Sports Hall. The Indoor Sports Hall looks really good. I don't know how to describe it so i'll just let the pictures do the talking.

All that you see on that picture is not on the ground floor but at the 3rd floor. Cool huh?

The following pictures are not for the faint of heart so please exit now if your heart can not take scary photographs.


Me, Jun Guang, Glenn and Kai Xuan fooling around with Malcolm.

Everything started from these pictures of me and Malcolm.

LOL. My Juniors are scandalous huh? LOL

Here's a picture of me and the famous Jups! LOL. His real name is Jup Peng.

And I'm glad to present to all of you the greatest Chairman PRSS CO have ever chosen. Lim Yi Yan!

After their lunch at the Indoor Sports Hall. We went down to return the chairs in the hall to their places which are at the sides of the hall. During this time we played with the balloons and Mr Tan even relived his childhood memories of popping balloons!

After that some picture taking with Mr Wong Wei Long (Teacher in Charge of PRSS CO) and the ever beloved Mr Ow Kok Meng (Discipline Master). Mr Ow actually welcomed us to take picture with him saying that he'll "just be a statue sitting there, anyone who wants to take picture with me just take". 

After that, those who stayed behind to help out with the chairs at the hall managed to get FREE FOOD from the left over buffet that was meant for guests! We literally splurged everything from the scrumptious sausages(they were the favorite and there was a lot of them) to cornflakes to baked beans to bee hoon to ham to sandwiches. We were all super full after that. We were all joking that if Mr Ow was there he'll tell us that if we don't finish the left over food, we need to go to detention. 

After that our conversation turned horny because we were playing around with the term Play Chinese Chess. For those who doesn't know the term, find it out yourself. 
Remark of the day was when Jun Guang said:
I don't like to play chinese chess I always tio owned.

Everyone started laughing from then on and all the jokes about playing chinese chess came out already. Even sound effects came out.

By the way this is what teachers do when students are away.

They play sports with each other! LOL

After all of that. 
I went home and started this post.

By the way, here's my souvenir from the day's events.

A very cute Key Chain and a book mark. 

I'm going to take a nap now. 


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