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Economics is killing me. 
Is there any kind soul out there who will help me in Economics?

Anyways, I'm super sick today. All I did was sleep. 
Missed Church because of fever.
That's why I hate getting sick.

I'm buying my new specs frame tomorrow.
I hope i'll get it very fast.
I'm getting a white one.
I hate my current specs that's why i don't wear them that often.
Not so often until the point where when i wear specs people will ask, since when do you wear specs?

Nothing much to blog  about so yups.
Here's the 3rd part of the speech.

? If you say that you see a seed then you are answering the obvious. You are not being too smart. If you are really clever then you will say that I’m not just holding a seed but a whole forest. Because you are right I’m not just holding a seed but a whole forest, because this seed will grow into a tree and this tree will bear flower and then it will bear fruits then it will bear more seeds and then more trees and then more flowers and then more seeds, and eventually you have a whole forest.

Therefore, what you see out there is often not the whole story. It has the potential for something bigger and greater and more powerful in your life.

Nothing potentially great in life is ever instant. The fact that it takes a seed time to grow into a tree tells you one thing: there is no shortcut to success in life. Nothing great is ever instant.

Everything that you see around you began as thoughts in somebody’s mind. Every building you see in this city. Every flat. Every skyscraper. Began as an idea in the mind of some architect. The stores that you shop in, the merchandises that are displayed in the stores; they are all ideas in the mind of some businessperson or entrepreneur. Just because we don’t see things, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist because they do but they exist as visions and dreams, ideas and plans and imaginations. Somebody thought of the idea and through hard work he or she translated that idea into a business and made a lot of money from the public out of that business.

We live in a rest oriented society where most of us get super duper excited over long weekends, holidays and long vacations. Why? Because deep down in our hearts, people don’t like to work! But work is not the same as having a job. Now understand this: work releases potential. The more you work, the more you stammer into your destiny. All a job does is to give you a salary. That’s why you need to be good workers in the society; good workers in the marketplace of the world not just good job-keepers.

To maximize your potential, you need to use your talent and abilities to its fullest capacity. There are approximately 6 billion people in this planet right now and most of them will settle for an average mediocre life. You know why? 


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