Cab Drivers Are Interesting

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Don't you think cab drivers are interesting?
Was from May's place just now.
It's as though i was in another country.
We watched some Thai Horror show called The House.
Kind of lame.
I was laughing all the way.
I don't know why but every time i watch horror
I'll laugh instead of scream.
Because I'll find something really funny instead of seeing the scary part.
Her mom cooked this super nice noodle soup with beef balls.
I tell you.
It was superb!
The beef balls was just WOW!

Left there around 11 so naturally there was no more bus
I couldn't take train as well
took cab.
My dad paid for me.
But during the cab ride was really fun.
The cab driver was really friendly and funny.
I think cab drivers are entertaining.
That's why i always talk to them
whenever i take cab.
So interesting.

Right now
The entertainment of my life during the holidays
are books.
I've been reading so much books.
Remember last time i had quite a few unread books?
I finished them already.
Now i'm reading a book about
Organizational Behavior
Principles of Management
Quite Interesting.

I also read blogs.
And I confess that I'm one of those who
Read & Run
I only sometimes tag.
I'll tag more often ok?
But all of you must tag me also.

The blogs i regularly check and read are:

EmerZ; His shadow, his life.
Dreams DO come true; Believe in it.going home

I think they're the Top 5 most entertaining
Although there are others
But they are the ones which i visit the most
Like everyday I will check for updates one.
Especially the Jordan.
Really very funny.
Always makes me laugh.
Especially the Mr Thiru.
I think he's super funny.

Ok i want to read my books.
Visit those blogs ok?
They'll entertain you.
I swear.

The End