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I just finished watching The Gospel of John.
It was quite interesting to watch because it's like watching The bible in moving pictures.
Even the Narrator was reading the bible.
So awesome.

Today's service was awesome.
So inspiring.
Grab the opportunities that presents before you.
God gives them to lead you to your purpose in life.

After service went to some cozy cot Event at Parkview Square.
It was so funny.
The people are so nice.
We entered and they gave us like 10 goodie bags!
They said that there shouldn't be any empty hands.
It was so funny.
Alvin was so AUNTY!
Once hearing about the goodie bags he actually tried to run for them!
But the guard caught him and scold him saying he need to sign in first.
So funny.

Oh man.
I certainly choose the right decision not to go to Milan and Rome!
Thank God!
Next weekend services are awesome!
Saturday we're having HE Zanele Makina
And on Sunday, Pastor How will be preaching about the The Glory of Virginity.
Oh my mama.
Can't miss.
Wanna come?

Asia Conference is so exciting as well.
I'm planning to register for the Electives and actually PON school on those days.
That means 5 days i'll PON school for Asia Conference!
Worth it.

I'm signing up for 6 Electives:
Organizational Leadership
Adversity Quotient & Emotional Quotient
Social Etiquette and Personal Grooming
Effective Counseling
Marketing & Branding
Starting a New Business

So exciting.

School Leadership Convention planning is also doing well.
I pray it continues.
My last major project before i step down.
This is the reason why I've been so busy.
Sorry Guys.
But I really want it to turn out great.

Plans are is that the Guest of Honor is either:
His Excellency. The President of the Republic of Singapore. President SR Nathan.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Pray that it comes to pass.

Let me give you a sneak peek of the plans.

School Leadership Convention
Aspiring to have Responsibility and Influence with Skills and an Edge

5 Days Convention
March Holidays
Games, Workshops and Meetings

Meals Provided.

Topics Touched on meetings:
> How to encourage Creativity
> How to inculcate good Character
> How to improve Competency

Excited enough?
More will come.
I promise you that.
I shall not step down without a Bang!

Ok got to go.
Mom's whining again
But she's a little bit happier now.
Especially with the multiple packets of Facelift cream i gave her.

The End.

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