Mac is the best!

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I think Macbook is the best
So people, 
Please go get one
It's so worth it.

I just found this feature in my macbook
My Macbook reads to me!
Means that whatever text I highlight
It will read out to me!
So that means I don't have to read it
and strain my eyes!
I just have to listen!
And it's not those kind of robotic speaker
The voice speaking is really really smooth
Almost as though it's a human speaking to me

So that means
I don't need to read your blog!
My Macbook will read it out to me!

I've been following the USA Presidential Campaign
Yesterday was the 1st Presidential Debate
I think Mr Barack Obama owned Mr John McCain
McCain kept reiterating that he was MORE experienced
It's as though his speeches are structured like this
(State Facts) then (State that he's been doing it for YEARS)
*He always kind of emphasized on years

Mr Obama on the other hand kept reiterating
The wrong policies that have taken place
And how Mr McCain was part of those policies.
I think Mr Obama packed a harder punch with those

I hope Obama wins.
McCain is just like Bush.
No more Bush please.
I like what Obama said:
"The Ideals and the values of the United states
inspired the entire world. I don't think any of us
can say that our standing in the world NOW,
the way children look at United states, 
is the same."

It is so true isn't it?
Last time we look at US like wow.
But now we look at it somewhere in the light
of a failed policy.


I'm acting as though I can vote
Never mind
I'll keep Obama in my prayers!
Then he will confirm win!

Currently practicing 伯乐 by Yoga Lin on the Dizi
I'm not going to say it's good.
It's bad.
Really bad.
For 30 minutes I was trying to figure out the 1st bar.
But hey.
I can play the first bar now!

Who can teach me how to play 男兒當自強?
I think I figured out the first few notes
But i'm not sure if they're correct.
Tell me the notes!

I also want to learn 茉莉花!
Anyone who knows how to play or have the scores
Help me!

Ok I want to play
With my Macbook!


This kid is what everyone terms IMBAH!
Enjoy =D]

The End