Watching Movies = Pain in the Back

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Today I watched The Secret and L Change the world.
Secret was really nice.
I loved the way the story twists.
I'll rate it 3.5/5.
L Change the World was awesome.
L is the Best!
Super Smart.
I'll rate it 4/5.

Today went for CEG.
The game was quite fun and funny.
Thank God I didn't do forfeit this round.
Because most games i always do forfeit.
Don't know why.
Maybe because i'm slow.
Don't know.

Dr Chia decided to enter me in some Essay Writing Competition.
It's some Irish Essay Writing Competition.
Topics to choose from are:
> Discuss the cultural and historical links between Ireland and Singapore
> Select an Irish writer/poet/artist/dramatist whose work, in your view, demonstrates the uniqueness of Irish culture
> What are the attractions of Ireland?
> Developments in recent years in Irish economic and social affairs
> Ireland: a gateway to Europe; Singapore: a gateway to ASEAN - Discuss
> Ireland as a centre of education
> Importance of Irish music and dance

What's the Prize?
6 institutions were invited to participate.
Overall winner will get a Laptop Computer.
If i win that and it's not an Apple Computer.

Top 3 essays from each institution will be awarded:
1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $100

If i win the 1st prize i'll get either an iPhone or a new phone and a iPod Touch.
I'd prefer the latter.
I just really need a new phone now.
Don't need a lot of functions.
My N95 is dying.
I won't be surprised if the screen goes all black tomorrow.

I need to form my own committee for the SLC.
I'm afraid Victoria School PSB won't be able to handle it
and hence withdraw from the planning.

Does anyone want to join me with the SLC planning?
If you are interested, 
Tag/MSN me.
I'll give you the details.

I'll send the sponsorship proposals on Monday to companies.
I'll send to 30 companies in one shot.
I pray that at least 15 will accept the sponsorship.
Because we have calculated it and
with 15 sponsorships assuming each sponsors $1000
We can reduce the registration fee to $13 per school!
That a very good deal.
Taking the fact that you'll receive:
7 hours of leadership workshops
5 days worth of Lunch and Tea Break

Good huh?
Overall worth is approx $800 per head.
not per school but per head
So that means right if it's $13 per school.
Because we're capping maximum number of representatives per school to be 7
The fee per head is actually approx $1.90
Cool huh?

Ok see.
I'm rambling all about it again.
Shouldn't reveal too much.

Found this from a Victorian's blog:

*Mr Donald Leo walks past the class while we're watching the Auschwitz video*
Mr Thiru (shouts): "Eh! MOE pays you to walk around, ah?"
Mr Leo (shouts back): "Eh! MOE pays you to sit your ass on the chair and watch videos, ah?"
*class laughs like crazy*
Mr Leo: "Yeah! Chinese 1, Indian 0!"
Mr Thiru: "Bloody hell."

Oh man.
With this kind of teachers,
who wouldn't love the school?

I've decided to take private As
So that I can be a Teacher
I'll tell you tomorrow why i wan to be a teacher.


Got to Go!

The End!

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Christina - notpron is what? sounds like some porn game. LOL

Nic - I know you're laughing your ass off but thanks anyway! LOL