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I just finished watching Red Cliff.
Quite irritated because it's to be continued.
I hate it when they do that.
Leave it hanging like that.

Zhu-Ge Liang is the best man.
Chief Strategist indeed.
He's super clever.

I love this kind of shows.
The war kind of shows.
Especially these Chinese ones.
They're exciting
But what i really love watching are the strategies.
All the formation and stuffs.
It's super cool.

I am getting bored at home.
So bored in fact that i actually submitted my pictures to Teenage Magazine.
Come on man.
Just laugh.
I know you want to laugh.
I submitted those recently taken by Nicholas.
Thanks Nicholas!

Planning for the SLC is kind of tiring.
Although now all that's missing is the Organisational Structure
and of course
the Budget.

Organisational Structure is not so difficult.
Because I just need to find the people to form the committees.
The budget on the other hand is irritating.
What's irritating is the need to find sponsors.
Although after much thinking.
I finally found a solution.

and I Thank God he placed me in Marketing.

What's the solution?

Goodie Bags.
It's practically an Ad Heaven.

If you don't get the plan from that.
Too bad.
Figure it out yourself.

I think the Goodie Bag is the Key.
The key to lowering the registration fee per head.
So low in fact that it can don't be per head
Per School.
Although we still need to cap the number of representatives.

We'll discuss that again once the whole committee has be set up.

For now.
I need to rest.
Watching Movies is tiring.
Just Kidding.


Got to go.

Secondary school classmates having a mass convo.


but fun.

Fir and Fal now very handsome.
Super handsome.
Duck is still Duck.
But they say he now handsome.
But i can still hear the quacking from here.

The End

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