Lazy Day

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Today is a very good bad day.
I practically slept the whole day!
Woke up at around 12pm.
Ate brunch.
Slept again at 1pm.
Woke up at 3pm.
Watched History Channel Documentaries.
Slept at 5pm.
Woke up at 8pm.
Had Dinner.
Watched Documentaries.
Slept at 10pm.
Woke up at 12am.
Watched documentaries.
Actually till now i'm watching a documentary:
Auschwitz: The Nazi and "The Final Solution"

It's super sad.
The things that happen during Hitler's reign.
The scenes I watch just shocks me and brings me to tears.
I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.
I'm still in part 8 of 30!
There's still more to come.
The first few scenes were already horrific,
so you can comprehend the next few parts.

Now let me show you my workspace.
Don't be shocked ok?
I'm going to clean it up soon.
Later Tomorrow.

Here are more pics of my cat.
[Just look at that eyes. So cool!]

I like this pic a lot.
Very difficult to take.
April kept moving and moving.
After i think the 15th time.
I finally manage to take this shot.

It's not a Nicholas standard.
But hey!
It's a good try!

Dizi Rocks!

I have a surprise for all of you tomorrow.
So check out my blog tomorrow.

Ok back to my documentary

The End.