A Christmas to remember

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You know what they always say?
When a certain something is dwindling in quantity,
it tends to become nicer?
Like for example,
If there only 2 piece of Chicken wings,
10 people seems to drool over it and the chicken seems to taste nicer.
Whereas when there was 20 Chickens,
No one even seemed to care about it.

Well, I guess my situation is like that.
Since I'm leaving Singapore soon,
I seem to treasure every single thing more.
Going out with friends.
Going for walks in the park.
Especially going to Church.

I dread that day when I don't get to go to hoGc anymore.
It's just saddening.
Heart of God Church is the only thing that makes me not want to leave SG.

Let's not talk about that anymore.
I can't fathom the idea of leaving.

I was looking forward to the leaders Christmas Cards!
Because I know the message in it will really impact me a lot.
I received Lynette's Card just now
and boy was I impacted.

She Wrote:
"... There were many occasions whereby you could have walked out on God... but you chose not to! ..."

It is quite true.
I mean,
I'm human
and like all human,
my life has its ups and downs.
You see me happy and all smiles 
but stuffs are actually happening behind the scenes.

I could have chose to blame it all on God
and never attend Church anymore.
But I can't really do that.
I had thoughts of leaving.
But you see,
every single time i say to myself,
"this is going to be my last service, I can't take it anymore"

The message preached by Pastor How,
always never fails to reassure me of the love and power of God.
Every single time!
I just know that God really loves me.
I mean,
I could have just left like that
but every single time,
He coordinates circumstances to pull me back to His presence.

I'm really fortunate I found God,
or rather God found me.

Sometimes when I talk to people
like Valerie, Ranford they all.
We always wonder how our lives would be and
what would we have become
if Jesus did not find us.

Chaotic I'm sure.
I won't be as happy as I am now I'm sure.
I may be in prison right now and not telling you this I'm sure.
I wouldn't have become who I am right now I'm sure.

You see it's not so bad.
A new life.
A life more fulfilling and happy.
And all you need to do is believe Jesus is God! ^.^


my family went to eat at Hog's Breath Cafe.
A very nice place.
With nice food.
Although I wasn't really happy with the service provided.
But what the heck,
It's Christmas!
So I shall forgive and forget >.<

I shall post the pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow is crazy.
I have a meeting in the morning at Simei.
then 4 hours of doing nothing.
I better think of something to do.
I don't want to be so unproductive -.-

I got to go finish the book.
Few pages left ^.^
It's actually influencing me to be bolder in my writing.
Maybe i'll change the way i blog.

Keep checking out this space then ^.^

By the way.


The End