An Unexpected Friendship

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And now… The end is here… And so I face the final curtain 

He groaned. Emmanuel knew what that sound meant.

My friend… I’ll say it clear…

“I’m awake,” he turned to his side and moaned. 

I’ll state my case… Of which I’m certain… I’ve lived… A life that’s full

“Quickly! We’re going to be late for work and school,” an overly familiar voice rang in his head.

I travelled each… And every highway…

“I feel like skipping school today,” he tried to open his eyes but the bright sunshine prevented him. The weather was relatively cold today. It was a surprise especially in such a hot climate of Singapore. He pulled the blanket over his head, cuddled his bolster tighter and started to fall asleep again.

And more… Much more than this… I did it my way

“No! There’s a test on accounts today! You can’t skip that,” that voice was starting to get irritating. He didn’t need reminding. He knew and he hated it. He didn’t study for it at all. He was ready to fail and he didn’t want to waste further time by taking that test that he’ll surely fail. “Might as well stay in and sleep rather than waste time,” he thought.

The song stopped. But a new tune started playing. It was so familiar. He hears it every morning. It was suppose to totally wake him up but this time it just played on with him still curled up under his blanket. 

“Come on! Remember that this is your first day on the job as a relief teacher as well! Do you want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime?” 



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